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  • 02-01 2023 +Read More
    Why are there different colors of shade net?
    Shade nets are an essential tool for anyone who needs to protect their plants, crops, and livestock from the sun’s harsh rays. But did you know that there are different colors of shading nets? Today, we’re breaking down why there are different colors of sunshade netting and how they benefit you.
  • 01-06 2023 +Read More
    What is Agro Shade Net?
    Agro shade net is a form of woven fabric made from polyethylene (HDPE) fiber that provides ground cover, sun protection, wind protection and frost protection for plants. It can also create a barrier around property or garden to protect it from pests and other animals. Agro shade net reduces temperature extremes and increases soil moisture retention.
  • 12-30 2022 +Read More
    5 Important Points For Success in Choose Sun Shade Net
    Covering agro shade nets is essential for vegetable plantation in the high-temperature season. But if you don't choose a suitable shade fabric for your vegetables, it not only causes the excessive growth of crops but also is not good for flowering and fruiting. Therefore, vegetable farmers need to choose sunshade net scientifically and reasonably.
  • 12-22 2022 +Read More
    Why Cover Shade Cloth For Ginseng Plants?
    Ginseng is a shade-loving plant. High temperature and high light intensity will lead to poor ginseng growth.When the summer comes, the temperature in the greenhouse usually exceeds 35 ℃ at noon. How to reduce greenhouse temperature and light intensity is a great concern for ginseng farmers. At present, ginseng farmers mainly use shade cloth to shade and cool.
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