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Why are there different colors of shade net?

Views: 0     Author: Shijiazhuang Qibang Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd.     Publish Time: 2023-02-01      Origin: www.sjzqibang.com


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green shade net

Shade nets are an essential tool for anyone who needs to protect their plants, crops, and livestock from the sun’s harsh rays. But did you know that there are different colors of shading nets? Today, we’re breaking down why there are different colors of sunshade netting and how they benefit you.

Different Colors of Shade Net 

Sunshade net comes in a variety of colors, each one serving its own purpose.

Black net is often wanted for blocking out the light, thereby promoting more productive plant growth inside greenhouses and shade houses.

Green net is most commonly used for providing shade and protection from sun's UV rays for your gardens, nurseries and agricultural plants.

Red netting may be popularly sought after for moderating temperatures in fish farming ponds and agricultural fields.

Lastly, white net can be installed in poultry farms to reduce the amount of heat, leading to a reduction in temperature-related stress in animals.

Overall, sunshade net products of different colors can be applied for many purposes depending on the desired result.

Black Shade Net

Black shade net has been widely used increasingly in recent years due to its ability to absorb heat and provide warmth for plants even in cold weather conditions.

Black is the darkest option when it comes to color choices for sunshade netting. As such, black provides maximum protection from the sun’s rays while also reflecting more UV radiation than other colors. This makes black shade netting great for use in very hot climates where temperatures can soar during certain times of the year.

Green Shade Net

Green net offers excellent protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.  Green netting provides maximum heat and light reduction while still allowing some sunlight to pass through. This makes green shade nets ideal for use in moderate climates where temperatures can be quite high during certain parts of the year.

In addition, these green nets stands out as this net creates an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere at any outdoor area. Shade net products is an important tool for anyone needing to give protection from direct sunlight during extended periods of time outside. Choose green net for best protection and a visually appealing finish.

White Shade Net

White net can reduce heat without reducing light levels too drastically like other colors do. This makes white shade cloth ideal for use in cooler climates where light levels need to be maintained but temperatures still need to be reduced. Additionally, white color reflects UV radiation which helps protect plants from pests as well as damage caused by excessive exposure to sunlight.

White shade net is especially useful during hot summer days, as the its reflective surface helps reflect the sun's heat and natural light away from the area being shaded. This reduces the temperature significantly and thus allows more comfort for those spending time in this area.

Other Colors of Shade Net

 red shade net blue shade net                                                

Shade netting with colors other than white is becoming increasingly popular now, primarily due to the overall visual enhancement that additional color adds to shade solutions. 

While white shade nets remain the most common color, more people like to utilize shade nets in other colors for their plants, such as blue and red net. Red shade net is effective in blocking out certain frequencies of light and providing shade for plants, which can help improve fruit production, size, and quality.

By adding a splash of color to shade solutions, colored shade nets offer property owners an alternative way to enhance their outdoor living space. Meanwhile, there is no sacrificing the practical benefits shade netting provides.


Depending on the shading needs of users, selecting the appropriate color shading net is of utmost importance. There are multiple colors available - black, green, white,and even blue,red - to help facilitate various shading requirements. Different colors provide varying temperature ranges, light transmission levels, and privacy options. Ultimately, the user needs to assess specific requirements and choose the right shading net accordingly to best meet their needs.

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