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Plant Protection UV Blocked Plastic Insect Net

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1. Material: 100% virgin HDPE with UV treated
2. Type: Mono Filament
3. Weight: 60gsm-150gsm
4. Mesh: 16mesh-100 mesh
5. Width: 0.9m-5m

Product Description

The Plant Protection UV Blocked Plastic Insect Net is a highly effective and versatile solution for safeguarding your plants from insects and harmful UV radiation. This netting is specifically designed to create a protective barrier around your plants, preventing pests from reaching them while also blocking harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.

Key Features

  • Insect Protection: The netting acts as a physical barrier, preventing insects such as aphids, beetles, and whiteflies from accessing your plants. This helps to minimize crop damage and reduce the need for chemical insecticides.

  • UV Blocking: The plastic material used in the netting is designed to block a significant amount of UV radiation. This protects your plants from the harmful effects of excessive sunlight, such as sunburn, dehydration, and wilting.

  • Breathable and Light Transmission: The netting is designed to allow proper air circulation and light transmission to your plants. This ensures optimal growing conditions while maintaining a protected environment.

  • Durable and Weather Resistant: The netting is made from high-quality, durable plastic that is resistant to tearing, fraying, and degradation from exposure to sunlight and weather conditions. It can withstand prolonged outdoor use and provides long-lasting protection for your plants.

  • Easy Installation: The netting is lightweight and easy to handle, making installation a hassle-free process. It can be easily draped over plants or attached to supporting structures such as hoops or frames.

  • Versatile Application: The Plant Protection UV Blocked Plastic Insect Net is suitable for a wide range of plants, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, and ornamental plants. It can be used in gardens, greenhouses, nurseries, and agricultural fields.

  • Environmentally Friendly: The netting offers an eco-friendly approach to pest control by reducing the reliance on chemical pesticides, thus minimizing environmental impact.

Whether you are a professional grower or a gardening enthusiast, the Plant Protection UV Blocked Plastic Insect Net provides an effective and convenient solution for protecting your plants from insects and harmful UV radiation. It promotes healthy growth and helps to ensure a successful harvest or beautiful garden.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the plastic netting industry, we have 20 years of production experience, advanced production equipment, first-class technology and perfect quality control system.




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