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40 Mesh Anti Insect Net

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1. Material: 100% virgin HDPE with UV treated
2. Type: Mono Filament
3. Weight: 60gsm-150gsm
4. Mesh: 16mesh-100 mesh
5. Width: 0.9m-5m


- Anti Insect Net is a high-quality protective barrier designed to shield your precious crops and plants from harmful insects and pests. 

- Made from long-lasting, durable materials, this net offers exceptional resistance to UV radiation and harsh weather conditions.

- It's designed to provide an eco-friendly solution to pest control, eliminating the need for harmful pesticides and chemicals. 


Material 100% Virgin HDPE

UV treated

Type Mono Filament
White, Transparent
Weight 60gsm-150gsm
Width 5m max
Length 5m,10m,30m,50m,100m,200m 
Mesh 16mesh, 24mesh, 40mesh,50mesh, 60mesh, 80mesh,100 mesh
Packing Plastic bags in rolls 




  • Anti Insect Net is perfect for vegetable and fruit growers looking to protect their crops from damaging insects, including farms, orchards, and vineyards. 

  • It's also suitable for use in greenhouses and nurseries, helping to ensure healthy growth and high-quality yield.

  • In residential settings, it can be used in gardens and patio areas, offering protection for ornamental plants, flowers, and small fruit trees.

   insect net    Anti Insect Net


  • Effective Pest Control

Anti Insect Net offers a physical barrier against a wide range of insects, preventing infestations and crop damage.
  • Eco-friendly

It provides an environmentally sustainable solution for pest control, reducing reliance on chemical pesticides.
  • Durable and Long-lasting

Made from high-quality HDPE, it's designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-term protection for your crops.
  • Breathable Design

The fine mesh allows essential elements like sunlight, rainwater, and air to pass through, promoting the healthy growth of plants.
  • Versatile and Easy to Install

The net can be installed in various outdoor spaces, including gardens, greenhouses, and crop fields. It's also customizable to meet specific needs.
As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the plastic netting industry, we have 20 years of production experience, advanced production equipment, first-class technology and perfect quality control system.



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