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How to prevent the birds to damage the orchards

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Current Situation of Anti Bird

Birds pecking fruit is a common phenomenon in orchards. Birds damage is becoming more and more serious, especially in new orchards, the damage rate is up to 100%.Bird pecking is an autonomous and selective process, which mainly harms the fruit outside the tree. The area is well ventilated and transparent, and is often a high-quality fruit. Bird pecking has caused serious economic losses to fruit growers.

In the face of bird damage, some traditional means such as catapult driving, shelling, scarecrowing, netting and burning the nest are not only ineffective and time-consuming, but also lead to more collective Revenge of birds, resulting in a vicious circle of ecosystems.Modern bird repellent methods, such as bird repellent (releasing a special fragrant smell affecting the nervous system and respiratory system of birds), bird repellent device (which can imitate the special sound of natural enemies of birds), play a certain role in repelling birds in the short term, but after long-term use, birds will gradually adapt to the repellent effect, and even decline. So far, it does not play the role of evasion.

Bird mist net covering cultivation is a practical new environmental-friendly agricultural technology. By covering bird mist net on the shelf, it forms an artificial isolation barrier, which prevents birds from flying into the pear orchard and effectively controls the harm of birds to pear fruits; moreover, it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and has the function of resisting natural disasters such as hail attack. The development and production of green and high-quality pear fruit provide effective technical guarantee.

Selection of Bird Mist Net

There are many specifications of Bird mist net. The size of bird mist net can be selected according to the species of local birds. For example, small individual birds such as sparrows, 2.5-3 cm*2.5-3 cm bird mist net can be selected; for larger individual birds such as magpies and turtledoves, 3.5-4.0 cm*3.5-4.0 cm Bird mist net can be selected. Bird mist net are usually 0.25 mm in diameter. The length of bird mist net can be purchased according to the actual size of the orchard. Bird mist net on the market is about 100-150 m long and 25 m wide, so as to cover the orchard as a whole.

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