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Heavy Duty Bird Netting Heavy Duty Bird Netting
Heavy Duty Bird Netting Heavy Duty Bird Netting
Heavy Duty Bird Netting Heavy Duty Bird Netting
Heavy Duty Bird Netting Heavy Duty Bird Netting


Heavy Duty Bird Netting

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1. Material: 100% Virgin HDPE with UV Stabilized
2. Mesh Type: Diamond, Square
3. Mesh Size: 3/4 Inch- 9 Inch
4. Twine: 6Ply-88Ply


- Heavy Duty Knotted Bird Netting is an extremely robust, durable, and effective solution for protecting various areas from 

  birds and other pests. 

- This high-density polyethylene (HDPE) netting is designed with knotting for added strength and durability, ensuring it can 

   withstand harsh weather conditions, heavy bird pressure, and even resist UV radiation. 

- The black design of the netting blends with the environment, keeping it discreet while serving its purpose.



 High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

 UV Resistant

 Weatherproof  Yes
 Netting Type  Knotted, Multifilament



 Mesh Type

 Diamond, Square

 Mesh Size

 3/4 Inch- 9 Inch




 Yarn  250D-800D
 Twine  6Ply-88Ply
 Stretching Way  Length Way(L/W) or Depth Way(D/W)
 Packing  PP Woven Bag



  • Durable and Robust

HDPE is known for its strength and longevity, ensuring the netting will provide protection for many years.
  • UV-Resistant

The netting is designed to resist UV radiation, reducing wear and tear from sunlight.
  • Weatherproof

Can withstand all types of weather, including wind, rain, snow, and heat.
  • Knotted design

Provides additional strength and reduces the risk of tears or breaks in the netting.
  • Eco-Friendly

Made from non-toxic, recyclable HDPE.


black bird netting  heavy duty bird netting

  • Agriculture:       Protect crops, vineyards, orchards, and farmyards from bird damage.

  • Aquaculture:    Can be used to cover fish ponds or other aquatic areas to prevent bird intrusion.

  • Buildings:          Keep birds from roosting or nesting on building ledges, roofs, and other structures.

  • Airports:            Prevent birds from entering airport spaces, reducing the risk of bird strikes.

  • Urban Areas:    Protect public areas, such as parks, playgrounds, or open eateries from bird nuisance.

  • Residential:       Use in gardens, patios, or balconies to protect from bird droppings or nesting.

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