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How to choose anti insect net for your greenhouse?

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The installation of anti insect net can effectively prevent insects from entering the greenhouse. Generally, anti insect net is installed at the air inlet, window, doorway and other openings. The mesh size should be able to effectively prevent insects from entering.

Selection Basis of Anti Insect Net

According to the crops planted in the greenhouse, the season of using anti insect net and the objects to be protected, the size of the mesh of anti insect net is determined, and anti insect net with corresponding specifications and mesh numbers is selected. The mesh of anti insect net is too large to have the proper insect prevention effect. The mesh is too small and the insect prevention effect is good, but the ventilation resistance increases.

In order to achieve a good effect of insect control, there is a corresponding relationship between the mesh size and the insect size of anti insect net . Anti insect net should be selected according to the insect species to be prevented.

Following factors should be considered in the selection of insect net

1. Natural habits of insect invasion

First of all, we need to know the time of occurrence of pests, whether it occurs in the whole growth cycle of crops or only in a short time. If the pest only occurs in a short period of crop growth cycle, we can consider a cheap and slightly poor quality anti insect net.

It is necessary to consider the insect species that may be damaged, and different kinds of insects may invade in different seasons.

When it is not clear about the insect species and may face a variety of pest hazards, the mesh size of anti insect net should be determined according to the size of the smallest insect species to be prevented, and anti insect net with good quality, high strength and resistance to various pests should be selected.

2. To give full play to the function of insect prevention according to the characteristics of anti insect net

By changing the way of using the net, the net with short life and low price can be considered in some occasions.

a. When anti insect net is used in the greenhouse, different insect control areas can be established. In some areas, insect control net with short life and low price can be considered.

b. Use different anti insect net in different seasons.

c. For anti insect net that needs to be used in harsh environment and for a long time, its service life shall be fully considered, and its rigidity, strength and other performance indexes shall be paid more attention.

3. Mechanical strength considerations

Considering the mechanical strength, the following factors should be paid attention to when selecting anti insect net :

a. Environmental factors to be considered include sunshine, wind erosion, hail, rain and snow.

b. When anti insect net needs to be rolled and put into use, the damage and tear caused by rolling and putting shall be considered.

c. When anti insect net needs to bear the weight, the possible damage caused by the load should be considered.

d. Damage and tear that may be caused by collision between workers and equipment during installation and use.

e. Due to various types of wear, it may lead to premature failure of all insect nets.

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