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Can Shade Cloth be Used for Bird Netting?

Views: 0     Author: Shijiazhuang Qibang Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd.     Publish Time: 2022-08-25      Origin: www.sjzqibang.com


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Shade cloth is a versatile and multifunctional product. However, there is still confusion about whether shade cloth can be used for bird netting or not. Protection against bird damage is important since birds can be crazily dangerous for ponds, fisheries, crops, and plants. Let us find out the role of shade cloth in this regard!

The Need for Bird Netting

Before diving into the usage of shade cloth as bird netting, it is essential to understand the potential of birds. Birds can prove to be powerful creatures when it comes to plants, crops, and vegetables. The potential is not just limited or negligible. Instead, it can be so powerful that the crop yield can fall or diminish.

Every year, multiple farmers go through the loss of having their hard work go in vain because of birds. These creatures can play an influential role from when seeds are sowed to when crops are harvested.

Now to answer the question of whether shade cloth can be used for bird netting or not, we need to understand the features of bird netting first.

Features of Bird Netting

Bird netting is a cloth/net that keeps a specific area out of the reach of birds. It is also known as pigeon net and has a vast number of applications in farming fields as well as other places. But the most common usage of bird netting is the protection of crops, construction sites, and tall buildings from the birds.

It can be made of any material from polyethylene to nylon. Two major features of bird netting include durability and minimum space in the pattern of the net. Yes, it should be resistant to wear and tear. Secondly, it should not have big holes to allow the birds to poke their beaks inside and tear the net.

Can Shade Cloth be used for Bird Netting?

As the above discussion shows, shade cloth can be used for bird netting. It contains all the features of a dedicated bird net and makes even better options. In farms where protection against weather conditions as well as birds is required, a good shade cloth will serve both purposes. Let us now discuss the most common uses of shade cloth as bird netting.

1- Protection of Crops

Shade cloth can be a physical barrier for birds to cross and reach the crops. The best thing is that it can do so without limiting the passage of the required amount of light, air, and moisture.

2- Protection of Fish

Pesky birds can cause severe injuries to wildlife reserves and fisheries. So it is vital to use a shade cloth that can offer protection against birds as well as keep the inside ventilated.

There are multiple reasons why you should go for a shade cloth instead of buying a dedicated bird netting, as discussed above. The best shade cloth company that can serve bird netting and other functions is Shijiazhuang Qibang Imp&Exp Co., Ltd.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the plastic netting industry, we have 20 years of production experience, advanced production equipment, first-class technology and perfect quality control system.




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