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These are related to the shade cloth news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in shade cloth and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand shade cloth market.
  • 04-20 2023 +Read More
    What Color Shade Cloth Is Best For Tomato Plants?
    Shade cloth protects tomato plants from intense sun rays. Consider shade rate, color, and growing conditions when choosing. Available colors include black, white, green, and red, each with pros and cons. A light-colored shade cloth with a 30-50% shade rate is best. Proper installation and maintenance, monitoring plant growth, and expert advice are essential for optimal results.
  • 02-28 2023 +Read More
    How Long Does Sun Shade Netting Last? What You Need to Know
    This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the lifespan of sun shade netting, and factors affecting its durability. The article also discusses the impact of quality of material, sun exposure, and weather conditions on the netting's lifespan. Additionally, it provides practical tips on how to maximize the lifespan of sun shade netting.
  • 12-22 2022 +Read More
    Why Cover Shade Cloth For Ginseng Plants?
    Ginseng is a shade-loving plant. High temperature and high light intensity will lead to poor ginseng growth.When the summer comes, the temperature in the greenhouse usually exceeds 35 ℃ at noon. How to reduce greenhouse temperature and light intensity is a great concern for ginseng farmers. At present, ginseng farmers mainly use shade cloth to shade and cool.
  • 09-08 2022 +Read More
    How Do You Install Shade Cloth on a Patio?
    If you love your patio and spend most of your afternoons and evenings there hanging out and taking at the moment, a shade cloth must be installed. The reason is that it's only through a shade cloth that your outdoor hang-out spot becomes safe and peaceful. Let us find out more below!
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