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These are related to the shade fabric news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in shade fabric and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand shade fabric market.
  • 12-14 2022 +Read More
    Why Use Shade Fabric in Shrimp Aquaculture?
    In summer, shade fabric can play a role in reducing water temperature and blocking the sunlight. Thus, it effectively maintains water quality stability and minimizes shrimp stress. The shrimp farmers are familiar with building and using a shade fabric on top of the pond. But there are still some issues that need to be given more attention.
  • 09-08 2022 +Read More
    How Do You Install Shade Cloth on a Patio?
    If you love your patio and spend most of your afternoons and evenings there hanging out and taking at the moment, a shade cloth must be installed. The reason is that it's only through a shade cloth that your outdoor hang-out spot becomes safe and peaceful. Let us find out more below!
  • 08-30 2022 +Read More
    Does Shade Cloth Block UV?
    Can the ability of shade cloth to offer protection against UV rays reduce the harm of such rays to the human body? The simple answer is yes. But to get an extensive demonstration and truly know what we need to aim for, you must understand the whole phenomenon. So, let us dive right in! What is UV Protection, and why is it a Must?
  • 07-08 2022 +Read More
    Is Shade Cloth Waterproof?
    Shade cloth is not just a solution to sunburn. It is also great for the diffusion of light and ventilation. To know whether a shade cloth is waterproof or not and how much water it can resist, you first need to understand its structure, features, and application. Let us dive in! Shade cloth is a protective fabric that keeps the covered plants or other items safe from external environmental conditions.
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