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Raschel Onion Mesh Bag Raschel Onion Mesh Bag
Raschel Onion Mesh Bag Raschel Onion Mesh Bag
Raschel Onion Mesh Bag Raschel Onion Mesh Bag
Raschel Onion Mesh Bag Raschel Onion Mesh Bag
Raschel Onion Mesh Bag Raschel Onion Mesh Bag


Raschel Onion Mesh Bag

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1. Material: 100% Virgin PE with UV treated
2. Type: Raschel
3. Standard color: Red, Green, Violet, White
4. Standard sizes: 40x70cm,50*80cm,60*100cm
5. Capacity: 2kg-50kg


- Raschel Mesh Bag is a type of bag made from Raschel mesh, which is a lightweight and durable material. These bags are designed 

  with an open weave pattern, allowing for breathability and visibility of the contents inside.

- Raschel Mesh Bag is a versatile and practical product for various applications. It is commonly used for packaging, storing, and 

  transporting different items, mainly fruits, vegetables, and other produce.

Raschel mesh bag  plastic onion bags  onion mesh bag  vegetable mesh bag



100% Virgin PE with UV treated




 Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Violet, White, Blue


 30*47cm,40x70cm,45*75cm,50*80cm,60*100cm,90*120cm (20cm-100cm width )


 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg (2kg-50kg)




 With or without drawstring


 Double fold and stitched


 Plain weave or circular knitting


 Customized tag


1000 or 2000 pieces/bale


    onion mesh bags    mesh bags for vegetables


  • Packaging of fruits and vegetables

  • Packaging of agricultural products

  • Storage and organization of items

  • Retail display of products

  • Packaging and transportation of live seafood

  • Packaging and transportation of shellfish and fish



  • Breathability

The open-knit design allows air circulation, keeping contents fresh and preventing moisture build-up.

  • Visibility

The mesh design provides excellent visibility, making it easy to identify contents without opening the bag.

  • Durability

Made from strong materials, they resist tearing and stretching, with reinforced seams or handles for added strength.
  • Reusability

They can be used multiple times, reducing waste, and can be easily cleaned.
  • Versatility

Suitable for storing different products.

  • Eco-friendly

They offer a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags, contributing to reducing plastic waste.

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