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Leno Potato Net Bag

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1. Material: Polyethylene
2. Type: Leno
3. Color: Red, White,Green, Orange, Yellow
4. Size: 30*47cm,40x70cm,45*75cm,50*80cm,60*100cm


- Leno Net Bag is named after the "leno" weaving technique used to create the bag's distinctive mesh-like structure. The bag is typically 

made of durable materials, which allows it to hold heavy items without tearing.

- Leno Net Bags are designed with open-weave patterns that provide excellent breathability, making them ideal for storing fresh 

produce, vegetables, and fruits.

- Leno Net Bags have gained popularity due to their versatility, durability, and sustainability. They are often available in various sizes, 

colors, and designs to suit different preferences and needs.



100% Virgin PE with UV treated




 Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, White or As request






 20g-70g per piece


 With or without drawstring


 Double fold and stitched


 Plain weave or circular knitting


 Customized tag


1000 or 2000 pieces/bale

          leno mesh bag



  • Breathability

Leno net bags have an open mesh structure that allows for proper air circulation, making them ideal for packaging fresh produce and preventing spoilage.

  • Visibility

The net construction of leno bags provides clear visibility of the contents, making it easy to identify products without opening the bag.

  • Durability

Leno bags are made from high-quality woven polyethylene material, offering strength and resistance to tearing or puncturing during handling and storage.

  • Reusability

Leno net bags are reusable, reducing waste and promoting sustainable packaging practices. They can be easily cleaned and used multiple times.

  • Cost-effective

Leno bags are often more cost-effective compared to other packaging options, and their lightweight construction helps minimize shipping costs.

  • Versatility

Leno net bags come in various sizes and configurations, suitable for different applications in agriculture, food processing, industrial storage, and retail packaging.

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