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Outdoor Covering Plastic Woven Sunshade Net

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1. Material: 100% new HDPE +UV stabilized
2. Color: black, green, blue, silver
3. Weight: 35gsm-90gsm
4. Width: 1m, 2m, 3m , 4m

The Outdoor Covering Plastic Woven Sunshade Net is a versatile and durable product designed to provide effective protection from the sun's harmful rays and create a comfortable outdoor environment. This net is commonly used in various applications, including agriculture, construction, gardening, and recreational activities.

The sunshade net is made from high-quality plastic materials that are woven together to create a strong and resilient fabric. It features a unique design that allows air to pass through while blocking a significant amount of sunlight, reducing heat buildup and providing a cool and shaded area.

Here are some key features and benefits:

  • Sun Protection: The net offers excellent UV protection, helping to shield individuals, plants, and objects from the sun's harmful rays. It helps prevent sunburn, heatstroke, and sun damage to sensitive items.

  • Heat Reduction: By blocking a portion of the sunlight, the net reduces heat accumulation, creating a more comfortable environment. It is particularly useful in hot climates or during the summer months.

  • Ventilation: The woven design of the net allows for proper air circulation, promoting ventilation and preventing the buildup of stagnant air. This is beneficial for maintaining optimal growing conditions for plants or providing a refreshing outdoor space for people.

  • Durability: The net is constructed with strong and durable materials, making it resistant to tearing, fraying, and degradation from exposure to sunlight, moisture, and other environmental factors. It is designed to withstand long-term outdoor use.

  • Versatility: The net comes in various sizes and shapes to suit different needs. It can be easily installed in gardens, nurseries, greenhouses, patios, carports, and other outdoor areas requiring sun protection.

  • Easy Installation: The net is lightweight and easy to handle, making installation a simple and hassle-free process. It can be easily attached to support structures such as fences, poles, or frames using fasteners or ropes.

  • Cost-effective: The sunshade net provides an affordable and efficient solution for sun protection compared to other alternatives like installing permanent structures or using air conditioning systems.

Whether you need to protect your plants, create shaded areas for outdoor activities, or shield valuable items from the sun's harmful effects, the Outdoor Covering Plastic Woven Sunshade Net is an excellent choice. Its durability, sun protection capabilities, and versatility make it a reliable solution for various outdoor applications.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the plastic netting industry, we have 20 years of production experience, advanced production equipment, first-class technology and perfect quality control system.



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