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Outdoor Agricultural Sun Shade Screen for Plants

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 1. Material: 100% new HDPE +UV stabilized
 2. Color: Black, Green, Blue, Silver
 3. Weight: 35gsm-90gsm
 4. Width: 1m -12m  

Product Description: 

The Outdoor Agricultural Sun Shade Screen for Plants is a high-quality, durable solution designed to protect plants from excessive sunlight and provide optimal growing conditions. This shade screen is specifically developed for outdoor agricultural applications, such as gardens, nurseries, greenhouses, and farms.

Key Features:

  • Sun Protection: The shade screen effectively blocks a significant amount of sunlight, reducing the risk of sunburn and heat stress on plants. It provides the ideal balance of shade and light transmission to support healthy plant growth.

  • UV Resistance: Constructed with UV-stabilized materials, the shade screen offers excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This feature prevents plant damage and ensures long-lasting performance in outdoor environments.

  • Temperature Regulation: By reducing direct sunlight exposure, the shade screen helps regulate temperatures, preventing overheating and maintaining an optimal growing environment. It also minimizes water evaporation, conserving moisture and reducing irrigation needs.

  • Breathable Fabric: The screen is made from a breathable fabric that allows airflow and proper ventilation. This promotes air circulation around the plants, preventing the buildup of excessive humidity and minimizing the risk of fungal diseases.

  • Durability: The shade screen is manufactured using high-quality materials that are resistant to tearing, fraying, and degradation from environmental factors. It is designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including wind, rain, and exposure to various weather elements.

  • Easy Installation: The shade screen comes with reinforced edges and grommets, facilitating easy installation and secure attachment to support structures or frames. It can be conveniently customized and cut to fit specific areas or structures.

  • Versatility: This product is suitable for a wide range of plants, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, and ornamental plants. It can be used in different outdoor agricultural settings, offering flexibility and adaptability to various growing needs.

  • Size Options: The shade screen is available in different sizes and dimensions to accommodate various application requirements. Customers can choose the appropriate size based on their specific project or space dimensions.

Overall, the Outdoor Agricultural Sun Shade Screen for Plants is a reliable and effective solution for protecting plants from excessive sunlight, maintaining optimal growing conditions, and promoting healthy plant development in outdoor agricultural environments.

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