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Nursery PE Woven Sunscreen Shade Netting

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1. Material: 100% new HDPE +UV stabilized
2. Shade rate: 35%-90%
3. Width: 1m-12m
4. Length: 5m,10m,30m,50m,100m,200m
5. Color: Black, Green, Blue, Silver

Nursery PE Woven Sunscreen Shade Netting is a product designed to provide shade and protection in nurseries and gardening applications. It is made from high-quality polyethylene (PE) material that is woven together to create a durable and long-lasting netting.

The primary purpose of this shade netting is to provide a barrier against sunlight, reducing the intensity of direct sunlight exposure for plants. It helps to create a shaded environment that promotes healthier growth by preventing excessive heat and reducing the risk of sunburn.

Here are some key features and benefits :

  • Sun Protection: The netting offers excellent UV protection, shielding plants from harmful rays and preventing sun damage.

  • Heat Reduction: By blocking a portion of sunlight, it helps to reduce the temperature and heat stress on plants, creating a more favorable growing environment.

  • Light Diffusion: The woven construction of the netting allows for gentle light diffusion, ensuring plants receive adequate light for photosynthesis without overwhelming them.

  • Wind and Airflow Regulation: The shade netting is designed to allow airflow and ventilation while providing some wind protection, creating a microclimate that supports plant growth.

  • Durability: Made from high-quality PE material, the netting is strong, tear-resistant, and built to withstand outdoor conditions. It is also resistant to fading and degradation from prolonged sun exposure.

  • Easy Installation: The netting is lightweight and easy to install. It usually comes with reinforced edges and grommets, allowing for secure attachment to support structures like fences, poles, or greenhouse frames.

  • Versatility: Nursery PE Woven Sunscreen Shade Netting is suitable for various applications, including nurseries, greenhouses, gardens, patio covers, and agricultural settings.

Overall, Nursery PE Woven Sunscreen Shade Netting is a reliable and effective solution for providing shade and protection to plants, helping to create optimal growing conditions and supporting healthy plant development.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the plastic netting industry, we have 20 years of production experience, advanced production equipment, first-class technology and perfect quality control system.



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