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Multifilament 75D/2Ply Black 15*15mm 5Pockets Bird Catching Mist Net

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1. Monofilament: 0.08mm, 0.11mm, 0.16mm
2. Multifilament: 75D/2Ply, 110D/2Ply
3. Color: Black,White
4. Mesh:15mm-60mm

Introduction of Bird Mist Net

The Bird Mist Net is a specialized tool designed to aid in the capture and study of birds. It is widely used by ornithologists, researchers, and conservationists to safely and effectively capture birds for scientific purposes such as population monitoring, behavior studies, and banding for identification.

Key Features of Bird Mist Net

  • High-Quality Construction: The mist net is made from durable, lightweight, and fine mesh nylon material. It is designed to be resilient to wear and tear, allowing for repeated use in various field conditions.

  • Fine Mesh Design: The net features a fine mesh design that is virtually invisible to birds, minimizing their chances of detecting it and reducing their stress levels during capture. The fine mesh also ensures the safety of the captured birds by preventing injury.

  • Multiple Sizes: Bird Mist Nets are available in various sizes, allowing researchers to choose the appropriate net dimensions based on the target bird species and habitat. Different mesh sizes are used to target specific bird sizes, ensuring efficient and selective capture.

  • Easy Setup: The net comes with a lightweight frame and support system, making it easy to set up in different locations. The net can be suspended between poles, trees, or other suitable structures, creating a barrier for birds to fly into and become temporarily entangled.

  • Safe and Humane: The mist net is designed to capture birds harmlessly. It allows researchers to quickly and safely extract captured birds for examination, measurements, banding, or other necessary procedures. Careful handling techniques are followed to minimize stress and maximize the well-being of the captured birds.

  • Portable and Compact: The Bird Mist Net is designed to be portable and easily transportable. It can be folded or rolled up into a compact size, making it convenient for fieldwork and research expeditions.

  • Versatile Applications: The Bird Mist Net is suitable for a wide range of bird species and habitats, from forested areas to wetlands and grasslands. It is a versatile tool that enables researchers to capture birds for various scientific purposes, contributing to the understanding and conservation of avian populations.

Note: It is essential to use mist nets responsibly and ethically, following proper training and permits, to ensure the well-being of birds and compliance with legal and ethical guidelines for their capture and handling.

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