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How to cover shade net correctly for greenhouse?

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The main function of shade net is to block the sunlight from the greenhouse. That is to make the light entering the greenhouse decrease in a certain proportion in a certain period of time, thereby reducing the amount of thermal radiation entering the greenhouse, to keep the room from getting too hot.

In the absence of strong light, the temperature is not high, shade net can not always stay in the greenhouse shed. Shade net should be flexibly controlled according to the weather condition, crop species and the requirement of light intensity and temperature in different growing period of crops.

Summer covering is mainly at noon on sunny days, and can be removed in the morning and evening as well as on cloudy days. Shade net is usually covered from 9 am to 3 pm on sunny days. In winter, shade net covering is mainly in the evening. The net should be removed in the daytime, while covered in the evening or the cold coming.

Different Color of Shade Net

Black shade net is suitable for the plantation of vegetables with weak light requirements, while green or white shade net is suitable for light-loving vegetables or crops.

Black shade net, with the feature of high shading rate and cooling fast, is suitable for short-term coverage, and can not be covered all day to avoid the formation of weak light inside the shed environment. While green or white shade net with low shading rate can be covered all day long.

The cover or removal of black shade net should be strict according to different vegetables and growth stages, while green or white shade net does not have strict requirements.

Building shade net in greenhouse

When sun shade net is set up, it can be propped up, leaving a gap of about 20 cm apart from the plastic film. Thus forming a ventilation belt, the effect of sunshade cooling is better.

When using of external shade net, it needs to consider whether the thermal shrinkage of shade net is stable. If the thermal shrinkage is unstable, it may cause damage to the bracket and the clamping groove, or tear the sun shade net. If you are not sure whether the thermal shrinkage is stable, you can try it on a small area first.

In addition, if the thermal shrinkage is too large, after using for a period of time, shade rate of net will increase. The shading rate of net is not the bigger the better, because too high shading rate will reduce plant photosynthesis, so the stems will become weak.

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