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How to Use Shade Net Correctly in Vegetable Planting?

Views: 0     Author: Shijiazhuang Qibang Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd.     Publish Time: 2022-11-23      Origin: www.sjzqibang.com


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With the increase of sunlight intensity and temperature, high temperature and strong sunlight in the greenhouse become the main factors affecting crops' growth. To reduce the temperature and sunlight intensity in the greenhouse, sun shade nets are preferred.

But many farmers reflect that the use of shading nets, although the temperature has decreased, the crop has a weak growth and low yield, which is caused by too high shade rate of the net. One reason that causes too high shade rate is the use of methods, and the other reason is the problem of the shading net itself.

How to choose shade net to buy? How to use and install shade net correctly? This article will help to solve your problems.

Choice of Shade Net

There are two main colors of sunshade nets on the market: black and green.

Black shade netting has a high shading rate and good cooling effect, but it greatly impacts photosynthesis, so it is more suitable for shade-loving crops. If used black net on some light-loving crops, the coverage time should be reduced.

For green shade nets, although the cooling effect is not as good as black shade netting, it has little impact on the photosynthesis of crops, so it is more suitable to use in light-loving crops.

Use of Shade Net

1. There are two kinds of covering methods of shading net: all covering and gazebo covering methods. In practice, the gazebo covering method is used more because the airflow is smoother and the cooling effect is better.

2. By using the tunnel skeleton, cover the shade net over it and leave a ventilation belt of 60~80 cm between them. If there is a plastic film, sun shade net can not be covered directly on the film, but leave a gap of more than 20 cm to use the wind to lower the temperature.

3. Although covering the shade netting can reduce the temperature, at the same time also reduce the intensity of sunlight, which hurts the photosynthesis of crops, so the time of covering is also essential.

4. We should avoid all-day covering. Sun shade net can be covered between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm according to the temperature. You can remove the sunshade net when the temperature drops below 30 ℃. To reduce the negative impact on crops, covering shading net on cloudy days is not necessary.

Installation of Shade Net

1. Keep the distance

When installing the shade net, we should prop it up with the formation of a ventilation belt between the shade net and the shed surface. Thus the air can flow, and the heat dissipation can also be accelerated inside the greenhouse. The effect of shading and cooling is better.

If the shade netting is close to the greenhouse film, the heat absorbed by the shading net can easily be transferred to the film and then to the green house, and the cooling effect is poor. Close to the greenhouse film so that heat can not be distributed, increasing its temperature and, therefore, will accelerate its aging.

Therefore, when using the shading net, it is necessary to maintain a suitable distance from the greenhouse film. People can use the steel wire to prop up the shade net or shade cloth above the greenhouse. Vegetable farmers can also put soil bags on the main greenhouse skeleton and grass curtains at 3-5 meter intervals before the trellis so that the shade netting does not cling to the greenhouse plastic film.

2. Consider the heat shrinkage

The external shading net used for support also needs to consider whether its heat shrinkage is stable. If the heat shrinkage is unstable, it can cause damage to the bracket and slot, etc., or cause the sunshade net to tear. If you are unsure whether the heat shrinkage is stable, you can try a small area first.

In addition, if the heat shrinkage is too significant, it will increase the shading rate after a period of use. The shading rate is not the higher, the better. Too much shading rate will make the plants photosynthesize less and the stems thin and weak.

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