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How should we cover shade net when planting?

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When covering shade net, we should strengthen the management of shade net according to the change of weather and different period of plant growth. Plant should be covered all day before the emergence,after the emergence we should uncover shade net in the morning and evening to see light, and cover at noon because of the strong sunlight . In cloudy days, the plants should not be covered by shade net during the whole day, but before the rainstorm comes, shade net must be covered in time.

The width of shade net can be cut and spliced at will. The cutting method is to use electric heating wire to cut off under high heat, because shade net can be fused into a channel after being cut off under high heat, so as not to be loose.The splicing method is to use nylon thread on the sewing machine or to sew by hand. Do not tie with iron wire or aluminum wire to avoid mechanical fracture, which affects the service life of shade net.

1. Surface covering

Shade net directly covered on the ground or plants, generally in the time of sowing, or after planting.

2. Small arch shed covering

Cover on the arched support of film shed with shade net. It is  suitable for  shading, cooling, ventilation in Summer or Autumn, or frost prevention in the night of early Spring, It can also be used to prevent rain in the rainy season or keep warm at night in winter and spring.

3. Flat shed covering

Put a 0.5-1.8 meter high flat or inclined bracket on the finished shed surface, and cover shade net on the bracket for shading and rain protection.

4. Greenhouse covering

Greenhouse covering is divided into single-net covering, net-film combined covering, outside perimeter covering and inside-cover covering, etc. When the single net and net film are combined and covered, the two sides of the greenhouse are generally 1 meter above the ground and are not covered in the air. Covered around the outside of the shed, mostly used for heat preservation in early spring and night. Covered in the greenhouse, generally 1 to 1.5 meters above the ground without cover.

5. Covering in all growth stages

a. The main purpose of covering after sowing is to maintain soil moisture and prevent soil compaction after heavy rain. Prevent insects and birds from harming. The method is usually to directly cover the ground, but shade net should be uncovered in time after emergence to avoid hindering the growth of seedlings.

b. Short-term covering after planting. One is to cover cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, celery, lettuce, etc. after planting in summer and autumn, and cover it until it is alive. The other is to cover eggplants and melons planted in early spring at night to prevent frost.

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