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Do Peppers Need Shade Net?

Views: 0     Author: Shijiazhuang Qibang Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd.     Publish Time: 2022-10-26      Origin: www.sjzqibang.com


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Vegetable gardening requires attention, effort, and care. You must keep essential things in mind like temperature, suitable season, amount of water, shade nets, insecticides, pesticides, etc. Peppers require moderate temperatures to grow. And to avoid direct sun exposure, shade nets are used. Shading nets with 50%-70% blocking capacity of sunlight are recommended for garden. The below write-up will clarify whether peppers need shade netting and, if yes, in which color. Let’s explore!

Shade Net for Peppers

Experts have conducted many studies to experiment if peppers growing under the net are suitable along with nutrition. The results were surprising. Peppers covered with shade netting were well-grown and better than the other regular production. It was noted that Shade cloth reduced the light intensity properly for better growth of peppers.

The cultivation and growing process for peppers under a shade net maintains a specific temperature and keeps the plant safe from wind, hail, and other climatic conditions. Also, it does not affect the temperature of the leaf surface. Thus, shading nets for the growth of peppers are good practice for getting nutritious well-grown peppers.

Protection against Sun-Exposure

Peppers need more than 32 degrees for good yield. Less than 32 degrees or more than 50 degrees can damage the plant badly. So, it is essential to maintain the temperature. Shade nets protect crops from excessive radiation, ultraviolet rays, heat stress, quality defects, and plant heat stress.

Other microclimatic factors can be easily reduced and modified with it. Shade cloth helps increase the yield of quality peppers.

Suitable Color Shade Net for Peppers

Different colors have different impacts on the pepper plants. If you want a moderate option for the best yield of peppers, consider a raschel or woven black shading net. It has a 50%-70% light-blocking density, a perfect ratio for pepper plants. It controls the heat and light to promote plant growth.

100% Virgin HDPE Shade Net

Shijiazhuang Qibang Imp&Exp's Agriculture Anti UV Raschel PE Shade Netting is a perfect pick for your pepper plants. This high-density polyethylene shade netting stabilizes UV rays, heat irradiance, heat stress, and antioxidants. This 100% virgin HDPE shade cloth is aging-resistant, flame-resistant, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and high in strength.

These shade nets help improve the quality of fruit. Under the shade of these weaved net cloth, pepper plants tend to bear bigger and more high-quality fruits. The proper amount of light and heat makes these plants produce improved and larger fruits.


Pepper plants grow better under a shade net, and a black shading net is perfect for maintaining the certain required temperature. The combination of the accurate intensity of heat and light helps in the increased yield of peppers.Shijiazhuang Qibang  has the best shade netting for gardening, farming, and vegetable growth.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the plastic netting industry, we have 20 years of production experience, advanced production equipment, first-class technology and perfect quality control system.



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