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3 Questions You Need to Know Before Buying Shade Netting

Views: 0     Author: Shijiazhuang Qibang Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd.     Publish Time: 2022-11-30      Origin: www.sjzqibang.com


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Q: When buying shade netting, is the number of needles the purchase standard?

A: When purchasing, please confirm whether it is round or flat wire shade netting. Round wire shade netting has a filament like fish line, and flat wire is flaky.

Flat wire shade netting can be purchased with the number of needles and shade rate as the standard. For example, for the same 3-pin shade net, 50% and 70% shade densities are different. With the same 70% shading rate, six needles will appear denser when comparing three and six needles. Therefore, when buying, you should choose the net with the number of needles and shading rate.

Round wire shade netting is generally mostly 6-pin and only need to choose according to the shading rate. Other aluminum foil shading net, black and white shade net, etc., are also generally 6-pin, and vegetable farmers can choose according to the shading rate.

Q: What is the difference between black and green shade netting?

A: Black shade netting has a high shading rate and fast cooling, but the shortcoming is that it needs to be pulled and placed every day and cannot be covered all day to avoid the formation of a low light environment in the greenhouse, which is time-consuming and laborious. A black shade net is suitable in the hot summer and needs fine management of greenhouse crops for short-term cover.

The shading rate of green shade netting is low, but it needs less work and can be covered all day. It is more suitable for light-loving vegetables and green houses that need long-term coverage.

However, no matter which sun shade net is used, you should note the following two points:

1. Coverage time and duration of coverage

2. In the absence of strong light, the temperature is not high, and the shading net can not always be kept to cover in the greenhouse.

The uncovering of the sunshade net should be flexible according to the weather conditions, crop types, and the light intensity and temperature requirements for different fertility periods of crops.

Q: How to choose the suitable shading rate?

A: When buying sunshade nets, we first need to know the appropriate shading rate for our greenhouse.

1. In summer, under direct sunlight, the sunlight intensity can reach 60,000~100,000 lux. But for most crops or vegetables, the sunlight saturation point is 30,000~60,000 lux, such as pepper for 30,000 lux, eggplant for 40,000 lux, and cucumber for 55,000 lux.

2. Excessive light will significantly impact crop photosynthesis, blocking carbon dioxide absorption, the respiratory intensity being too large, etc. Therefore, the use of a suitable shade rate not only can reduce the temperature in the greenhouse around noon, but also can improve the photosynthetic efficiency of crops.

3. Considering the different needs of sunlight and temperature for different crops, be sure to choose a shade netting with an appropriate shade rate, do not be greedy for cheap, arbitrary choice.

4. Pepper and other crops with low light saturation points can choose a high shading rate, such as 50% to 70%, to ensure that the sunlight intensity in the greenhouse is about 30,000 lux. In comparison, cucumbers and other crops with high light saturation points should choose a lower shading rate, such as 35% to 50%, to ensure that the light intensity in the greenhouse is 50,000 lux.

If you have more questions about choosing the correct shade net, Shijiazhuang Qibang Imp&Exp Co., Ltd is a leading professional in shade netting. Be sure that you will be satisfied with their services and answers.

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