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Why should we choose the appropriate shade rate in vegetable planting?

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1. When vegetable growers purchase shading cloth, they should first make clear how high the shading rate they need for their shed.

2. In summer, under direct sunlight, the light intensity can reach 60,000-100,000 lux. For vegetables, the light saturation point of most vegetables is between 30,000-60,000 lux, such as hot pepper: 30,000 lux, eggplant:40,000 lux and cucumber: 55,000 lux.

3. Excessive light will have a great impact on vegetable photosynthesis, resulting in carbon dioxide absorption hindered, excessive respiratory intensity and so on. This is how the phenomenon of photosynthesis "noon break" occurs under natural conditions.

4. Therefore, when purchasing sun shade cloth, to choose appropriate shading cloth can not only reduce the temperature in the shed around noon, but also improve the photosynthetic efficiency of vegetables.

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