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Why is ground cover used widely in the plantation?

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Ground cover (weed mat) can increase crop yield, improve nutrient utilization rate,keep soil moisture, weed control , prevent soil and nitrogen loss and physical control of insect pests. What are their manifestations?

1. Increase crop yield: in agricultural production, the use of ground cover provides a suitable growth environment for crops, greatly improving the nutrient utilization rate, which is conducive to the improvement of crop commodity quality and the increase of crop yield.

2. Improve the utilization rate of nutrients: in agricultural production, the use ofground cover can maintain the appropriate plant rhizosphere soil moisture, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients in the soil by crops. At the same time, the inhibition of ground cover on weeds greatly reduces the competition of weeds for soil nutrients, so that the crops can obtain more adequate nutrients.

3. Keep the soil moisture: ground cover mulching can prevent the vertical evaporation of soil moisture, increase the resistance of water evaporation, make the water transfer laterally, and effectively restrain the ineffective evaporation of soil moisture. Without precipitation, ground cover mulching can effectively increase the soil moisture content in the soil layer at 5cm, 20cm and 40cm by about 13%-15%.

ground cover(2)

4. Weed control: the black ground cover can prevent the weeds from receiving the sunlight, its strong structure weeds can not penetrate, hinder its photosynthesis, so as to achieve good weed control effect, especially in Hilly and mountainous areas, the ground is uneven, there are many stones, film, grass, artificial weeding and other measures are difficult to achieve, ground cover shows great advantages in weed control, research shows that laying ground cover can almost completely inhibit the growth of weeds, and it has more advantages than other chemical or non chemical weeding methods.

5. Prevention of water and soil loss and nitrogen loss: nitrogen in the soil, especially inorganic nitrogen, is abundant in the soil solution. When there is a large amount of rainfall, surface runoff will be formed under the erosion of rainwater. Nitrogen will be lost along with the runoff. At the same time, the soil will be severely eroded. Slope land with high vegetation coverage can effectively reduce water and soil loss due to the fixation of root system, but there are a lot of weeds and other vegetation in the cultivated land Therefore, the soil and water are easy to be eroded. Ground cover can prevent the rain from washing the soil directly, keep the soil and water, prevent the nitrogen loss and protect the ecological environment.

6. Physical prevention and control of insect pests: in agricultural production, many pests use weeds as their habitat. The use of ground cover can effectively control weeds, reduce the source of disease and insect infection. The use of ground cover can also effectively prevent and control the overwintering pests in the soil such as moths and moths, reduce the application of pesticides, help to increase the yield of crops, improve the commercialization of agricultural products, and meet the requirements of building vegetable and fruit labels in China Compared with the plastic film, ground cover has the air permeability, which can effectively avoid the root rot phenomenon in the use of plastic film. The functional ground cover, which is made by the method of cross color warp knitting, can effectively control aphids and other pests.

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