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Three types of shade net by weaving wire

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Round wire shade net 

Sun shade net is knitted with the warp and weft threads by warp knitting machines.If the warp and weft threads are woven by round wire, it is a round-wire sunshade net. As shown in the picture:



Flat wire shade net 

Both the warp and the weft are woven from flat wire, which is a flat-wire shading net. This kind of shading net generally has a low weight and a high shading rate. It is mainly used for sun protection in agriculture or greenhouse. As shown in the picture: 


Round-flat wire shade net 

In the case where the warp threads are flat wire, the weft threads are round wire, or the warp threads are round wire, and the weft threads are flat wire, this kind of knitted net is a round-flat wire sunshade net. As shown in the figure:

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