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How much do you know about garden ground cover fabric?

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Maintaining a flower bed can be difficult if you have weeds to contend with. Weeds tend to grow wild in soil that is rich and moist, and will compete with your plants for nutrition. Use of chemical weed killers can be effective, but is not a healthy option for you or the environment. The use of ground cover fabric in an elaborate or simple flower bed can be an effective, non-toxic way in which you can stop the growth of weeds.

Ground cover fabric is generally made of plastic or cloth. It works by stopping the supply of sunlight to the weeds, thereby killing them. A high quality ground cover fabric will suppress the growth of weeds, while at the same time providing sufficient drainage for the soil underneath, so that it stays moist and nourished.

Before purchasing ground cover fabric, take into consideration the qualities that are most important to you. Measure the size of the flowerbed to determine the  dimensions of ground cover fabric. Ground cover fabric are considerably cheaper than the fabric versions. However, ground cover fabric do not have the same porosity, do not let water seep through to the ground, and are not environmentally friendly. Ground cover fabric are more environmentally friendly, offer sufficient drainage, and last longer. Some of the main qualities to look for in a ground cover fabric include durability, and resistance against fungus, mold and tears.

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