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Gardening UV Blocked HDPE Sun Shade Fabric In Rolls

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1. Material: 100% new HDPE +UV stabilized
2. Weight: 100gsm-350gsm
3. Width: 1m-8m
4. Color: Green,Blue,Black,Brown,Yellow,Beige,Red,Gray

Product Description: 

The Gardening UV Blocked HDPE Sun Shade Fabric in Rolls is a versatile and durable solution for protecting your garden or outdoor space from the harmful effects of the sun. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this sun shade fabric provides excellent UV protection while allowing air circulation, reducing heat buildup, and minimizing water evaporation.

Key Features:

  • UV Protection: The sun shade fabric is specially designed to block harmful UV rays, providing a safe and shaded environment for plants, flowers, and other delicate garden items. It helps prevent sunburn and reduces the risk of damage caused by excessive sunlight exposure.

  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Material: The fabric is crafted from HDPE, a strong and resilient material known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It can withstand outdoor conditions, including rain, wind, and sun exposure, without deteriorating or fading.

  • Heat Reduction and Air Circulation: The fabric's unique design allows air to pass through, promoting ventilation and reducing heat buildup underneath the shade. This feature helps maintain a comfortable temperature for plants and prevents overheating.

  • Water Conservation: By providing shade and reducing evaporation, the sun shade fabric helps conserve water in your garden. It minimizes moisture loss from the soil, allowing plants to retain the water they need for healthy growth.

  • Easy Installation: The fabric comes in convenient rolls, making it easy to customize and install in various outdoor spaces. It can be attached to structures like pergolas, fences, or trellises using fasteners, ropes, or clips.

  • Versatile Applications: The sun shade fabric is suitable for a wide range of gardening applications, including greenhouse shading, plant nurseries, vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, patio covers, and more. It can also be used for outdoor events or recreational areas where sun protection is desired.

  • Customizable Sizes: The fabric is available in rolls of various widths and lengths, allowing you to choose the dimensions that best suit your specific needs. This flexibility enables you to cover large areas or create smaller shaded zones as required.

With the Gardening UV Blocked HDPE Sun Shade Fabric in Rolls, you can effectively shield your garden or outdoor space from the sun's harmful rays while creating a comfortable and protected environment for your plants to thrive.

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