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Deer Fence Netting Deer Fence Netting
Deer Fence Netting Deer Fence Netting
Deer Fence Netting Deer Fence Netting
Deer Fence Netting Deer Fence Netting
Deer Fence Netting Deer Fence Netting


Deer Fence Netting

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1. Material:100% virgin PP with UV protection
2. Type:Extruded net
3. Mesh:Square
4. Color:Black, Green, White, Gray, Transparent


- Deer Fence Netting is a lightweight and durable mesh fence designed to keep deer out of gardens, farms, and orchards.

- It is made from strong synthetic materials like polypropylene and comes in different heights, typically ranging from 5 to 8 feet.

- The netting is attached to supporting posts or structures to create a barrier that deer cannot easily pass through. It protects 

plants and crops from deer damage without harming the animals.


Material 100% virgin PP with UV protection
Type Extruded net
Color Black, Green, White, Gray, Transparent
Mesh Size 3mm-100mm

Mesh Type

Weight 8gsm-90gsm
Width 1m-4m
Length 1m-300m
Packing Plastic bags in rolls or pieces



  • Effective protection against deer and wildlife

  • Versatile with options for different heights and mesh sizes

  • Durable and resistant to damage

  • Cost-effective compared to other fencing options

  • Easy installation and attachment to existing structures

  • Long-lasting and reliable protection

  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

  • Easy removal and reusability for temporary needs


deer fence netting deer netting

  • Agriculture

Agricultural protection for crops, orchards, and gardens

  • Landscaping

Safeguarding landscaped areas and ornamental plants

  • Garden

Protecting residential gardens from deer damage

  • Forest regeneration

Promoting forest regeneration by shielding young trees

  • Natural reserves

Managing deer populations in natural reserves and parks

  • Golf courses

Preventing deer damage on golf courses.
  • Nursery

Shielding nurseries and tree farms from browsing
  • Highway

Enhancing highway safety by deterring deer

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