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Application of bird netting in agriculture

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Bird netting is a kind of net  fabric made of polyethylene and harness wire with anti-aging and anti ultraviolet chemical additives as the main raw materials and drawn. It has the advantages of high tensile strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and easy disposal of waste. The normal use and collection is light, and the correct storage life can reach about 3-5 years.

Covering cultivation with bird netting is a new technology of environmental protection agriculture, which can increase production and prevent the spread of virus diseases by constructing artificial isolation barrier on the scaffold, keeping birds out of the netting, cutting off the breeding way of birds, effectively controlling the spread of all kinds of birds and so on. Moreover, it has the functions of light transmission and moderate shading, creates favorable conditions for crop growth, ensures the application of chemical pesticides in vegetable field is greatly reduced, and produces high-quality and sanitary crops, which provides a strong technical guarantee for the development and production of pollution-free green agricultural products. Bird netting also has the function of resisting natural disasters such as storm erosion and hail attack.  

Bird control netting is widely used for isolating pollen introduction when propagating original seeds of vegetables and rape, after virus-free tissue culture of potatoes and flowers, and pollution-free vegetables. It can also be used for bird and disease prevention when tobacco seedlings are raised. At present, it is the first choice product for physical control of various crops and vegetable pests. We will really let consumers eat "comfort food" and make contributions to China's vegetable basket project.

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